Hi! I'm Furkan

Software Developer

About Me

Hi, I'm Furkan. I'm a software developer.

I'm passionate about building web applications and mobile applications that are fast, simple and user friendly.

My native language is Turkish and also I can speak English and German.

Skills &

Firstly, I love what I'm doing!

Mainly I use React, React Native CLI, Swift UI, Tailwind CSS & Typescript.

These days, I'm mostly working with React Native & React & Swift UI.

I'm learning Svelte btw.

Next JS
Swift UI

My Projects

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Spotify Clone

This project is a clone of Spotify. Fully functional without Spotify API. Used Redux Toolkit for state management. Used Tailwind CSS for styling. Used Reactjs for frontend.

ReactJS, Redux Toolkit, Tailwind CSS, Framer Motion

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Jitodo Task Manager

JiTodo is a Todo app with a simple and clean Glass UI. You can add, edit, delete, and mark tasks as completed using this app. In that project, the purpose is to learn TypeScript and gain more experience with Tailwind.

React, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, Framer Motion

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This is my portfolio. It is a fully responsive modern website. This website is built with Next JS, Tailwind CSS and many more.

NextJS, Tailwind CSS, Lottie Animations, React Spring

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JS Algorithms

You have to solve algorithm questions for getting a job. I created a repository for myself to make practice algorithms. I am trying to add explanatory comment lines in 3 different languages. My main purpose is to teach myself. And of course, write a clean code.

Javascript, Turkish, English, German

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Note App

This is a basic note app. You can add, edit, delete and mark notes as completed. LocalStorage implemented. This project is built with React and CSS.

Reactjs, LocalStorage, React-Split

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Meme Generator

This is a meme generator. You can add your own text and choose a random Image in API.

React JS, CSS, RESTApi

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